When you were a kid, you probably loved playing in the playground, but today’s generation is definitely as active as kids were a few decades ago. Still, if you are a parent, you probably realize how important it is for your children to get some physical activity so that they can grow up healthy. You might want to have a playground in your backyard for convenience and safety, but unfortunately, some playgrounds that homeowners have put together aren’t as safe as they might think. There are several guidelines for how playground equipment should be set up to minimize the risk of children getting hurt while playing.

For example, did you know that you should have at least 24 inches between the swings on a swing set to keep them from crashing into each other? There should also be at least 30 inches from the swing to the frame.

Another danger with moving equipment is pinching and crushing. It is so easy for a kid to put their hands or feet in the wrong spot where they could get hurt. Make sure that all pinching points are covered so they can’t access them.

As an added safety measure, there should be a soft surface underneath your playground, such as sand to soften the blow if a child falls on it.

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