Owning a home is a fundamental part of the American dream. Unfortunately, many homeowners are clueless about common threats to their precious property. It’s important to know some of the hidden dangers and risks in the home and be prepared to fix them. Here is a list to keep in mind:

  • Lint – Lint is an extremely flammable material. You could have a build-up of lint if it’s taking longer than usual for your clothes to dry. If the clothes are super hot after a dry cycle, this can also be a sign of lint build-up. Reduce the risk of igniting the dryer by removing the lint from the lint screen after each load and get a yearly cleaning of the dryer vent line.
  • Flickering Lights – Flickering and blinking lights is often an indication of overloaded electrical circuits. Dimming lights, blown fuses, warm or discolored wall plates, crackling, sizzling, or buzzing from receptacles. Don’t ignore, a mild shock from touching appliances or a burning odor from receptacles or wall switches. Quickly address and fix these issues.  And remember that overloaded electrical circuits should only be repaired by a licensed, qualified electrician.
  • Improper Grading – Look for any cracks, deterioration of foundation walls, and structural damage that can become evident due to improper grading. Water pooling next to your home’s foundation is also a sign of improper grading. Fixing any issue quickly will save you lots of money.
  • Failing Sump Pump – Don’t ignore the signs of possible failure. Checking connections, cleaning the pump and vents, and making sure the float switch is not restricted can be done by the homeowner. Having a  battery backup pump is also an inexpensive way to prevent failure. Checking your pump is one of the best things you can do for your home.
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