How safe is your deck? It’s an important question to consider. Like most homeowners, you probably think your deck is in good condition but, you’re not really sure. Every year there are thousands of injuries that occur on decks. Many of these injuries are a result of decks collapsing or staircases snapping, sometimes railings even breaking.

It’s important to conduct a quick visual inspection of your deck. That’s the best way to detect defects before disaster strikes. Here’s a list of some of the most common deck defects:

  • Loose Ledgers -There is a long horizontal board that decks are attached to called a ledger. Strangely, the number one reason why decks collapse is that the ledger is badly decayed or not properly fastened to the house.
  • Damaged Posts – You should carefully inspect all the posts on your deck to ensure that they are firmly attached to the concrete pier at the bottom and to the deck frame at the top.
  • Beam Troubles – Check the beams for large cracks or water damage. Also, confirm that the beans are securely fastened to the tops of the posts or piers.
  • Defective Decking – Inspect the deck boards for signs of rot, insect infestation, water damage, or large cracks 
  • Unsafe Stairs – If your deck is a staircase or set of steps, you must check each component of the threads, stringers, handrails, support post all for signs of structural damage. Look for large cracks, loose connections, and missing fasteners.

When you conduct a check annually of your deck and inspect it’s going to help tremendously. Make all necessary repairs as soon as possible and you can rest assured that your deck will be safe for family and friends all year long.

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