One of our favorite rooms in the house is the kitchen. The kitchen is a warm inviting and homey place to be. We do so much in the kitchen cooking. Cleaning, gathering, laughing, mingling. One of the most visited places in the house is the kitchen sink. Family and guests alike are constantly drawn to this spot for various reasons. So the design that we choose for this area is special.

What are some of the things that we have to consider when choosing this important focus for our kitchen? We want to consider the cost, the functionality, the type of mounting, and the material of the sink.

Two popular styles are the undermount sink and overmount sink. What’s the difference? 

Undermount sinks are very popular in modern kitchens. It’s a popular choice because it doesn’t interrupt the design of your countertop and it allows for continuous flow from countertop to sink it’s also very easy to clean and there is no lip or eight on the countertop.

The overmount sink it’s more cost-efficient and easier to install. Your faucet can also mount directly on the back edge of the sink. But the lip of the sink on the edge of it can collect bacteria and food particles so the design is as sleek looking or as easy to clean as the overmount sink.

Choosing the materials is another big decision. Stainless steel is one of the most popular materials for kitchen sinks and it’s available for both overmount and undermount sinks. Some other types of materials that are used would include cast-iron, fire clay, copper, and a granite composite.

The choices of styles and design are endless. Think about the functionality of your kitchen and how it’s used and you’re able to make a good decision.

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