Maintaining shrubs requires care and attention throughout the year to make sure foliage stays looking its best. Follow the steps below to keep your shrubs healthy, happy, and beautiful.

  • Choose the right size shrub. Cramming any type of shrub too close to his neighbor leads to big hassles. Choose the shrubs that look best with the layout of your lawn for an eye-catching landscape design.
  • Water and moisture maintenance. Shrubs need water to thrive. Especially during the first couple of years after planting give your shrubs a good drink once a week and soak the soil. To maintain moisture add good quality mulch around the base of each shrub.
  • Feed and fertilize. In good soil, shrubs do just fine without supplements. But if the soil lacks important nutrients it’s important to fertilizer shrubs for optimal growth. Organic fertilizers maintain soil balance and won’t burn the plant’s roots.
  • Trim and prune. Keeping the hedges neatly trimmed not only enhances the look of your lawn but helps remove dead or disease branches to stimulate new growth. Trim carefully using handheld clippers.

Maintain your shrubs and enjoy the benefits of a beautiful landscape lawn today.

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