It has been said that your HVAC system works harder than your automobile. Just like your car needs regularly scheduled service to keep it running efficiently so does your HVAC. The importance of maintenance on your HVAC system ensures that you keep your system running at top efficiency.

Here are some maintenance tips to keep your indoor comfort levels high and your HVAC repair costs low:

  • Pay attention. Pay attention to any rattling, grinding, or buzzing sounds in your system. All of this could mean that there’s a problem with your HVAC. Also pay attention to week airflow, thermostat issues, or finding puddles around your unit.
  • Replace your air filters. The air filter should be replaced every 30 to 90 days and they need to be checked every month for dirt and clocks. If you have pets you need to check the filters more often.
  • Clean the vents. Vacuuming the vents will help keep dust and dirt from building up and obstructing airflow. If you notice weak airflow schedule a technician to come out as soon as possible.
  • Schedule annual maintenance of your HVAC. Regular maintenance will keep your system operating at the capacity for maximum comfort. It can also cut energy costs and extend the lifespan of your equipment.
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