Are we becoming a nation of hoarders? With so much emphasis on buying stuff, it seems like that is where we are headed. Sometimes we just need to stop and take a survey of our surroundings. It’s a great idea to clear out the excess in our lives and get back to what’s truly important.

Here are some tips to declutter and get organized:

  • Take it slow. Take it one step at a time. Start in one room, get that cleared out and organized, then move to the next. While you’re in the process of organizing one room, you will likely find items that belong somewhere else. 
  • Sort it out. Don’t buy any organizing systems, bins, or boxes until you’ve sorted through your whole house. Start one room at a time, and discard the items you no longer want, need, or that are broken or unusable. We recommend you create the following categories: Keep, Donate, Recycle, Sell, and Trash. Have a box or a bag for each type and discard them appropriately.
  • Organize it all.  Once you’ve sorted through everything, then you can start looking for organizing systems that fit your space. A few shelves, appropriate storage containers, and maybe a few pull-out drawers or hooks will do the trick. By sorting through things first, you can tailor the amount and type of organizing systems or bins that you will need for your home. 
  • Utilize the space. Wall hooks, shelves, or baskets are great ways to keep things organized. Anytime you can get items off the floor, you are creating more usable space. This is especially valuable in the garage or storage areas. If you don’t have much space, consider installing shelves that are above eye level or over the door.
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