Whether your senior loved one is living with you or they are still living independently on their own, they want to be able to feel safe and secure at home. What are some ways that we can accomplish this? How can our loved ones feel safe at home?

Here are a few suggestions and tips that can be done to make sure seniors are feeling safe at home: 

  • Reduce hazards in the bathroom. Make the toilet accessible. Even an elevated toilet seat allows seniors to get up and down easily. A low toilet can be a hazard on the senior’s knees. And a high one may create a falling hazard. It’s a good idea to add a grab bar on both sides of the toilet to further increase safety and accessibility.
  • Reduce shower danger. The shower is a very common place for a fall. Install the grab bar in the shower in case someone starts to slip. Use the shower seat which is safer than standing in a slick tub. If possible install a shower with a step-free entry.
  • Avoid slippery floors. Place no-slip mats around the shower and sink. Wood, vinyl or tile floors with a lot of grout are ideal to prevent slipping.
  • Install a safe lock. Install a doorknob that can be locked from the outside. This way if there is an accident, help can reach the injured person more quickly. Switch door knobs for lever handles to make them easier to use.
  • Stabilize the furniture. Make sure all sitting is sturdy, Eliminate any wobbly chairs or other unstable furniture.
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