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Now that we’re into summer, you’ve probably attended at least one party that was held outdoors, whether it was a wedding, birthday, or a neighbor’s BBQ. Parties can go late into the evening during the long days and warm summer nights. Are you planning your own outdoor party, or just wanting to create an outdoor oasis for yourself? Here are a couple of eco-friendly ideas to keep the festivities going.

  • Eco Candlelight. Most people have candles lying around the house, but the type of candle you burn could heavily impact the environment. Try using eco candles that are made using ingredients such as natural soybeans, which burn without pollutants, toxins, or carcinogens. They can even last 30-50% longer than a regular paraffin wax candle. Though they tend to cost a few more dollars more than a regular candle, they last longer and won’t damage the environment. They are definitely worth the price. Bonus, you can often repurpose the container they come in.
  • Get Solar If you’d prefer another option, try solar jars. Also referred to as sun jars, these cool containers store the sunshine it collects throughout the day and then reuses it to become a light at night. There is a highly efficient solar cell, rechargeable battery, and LED lamp inside the jar. The solar cell creates an electrical current, which allows the battery to be charged by the sun. They can be left in any weather conditions, and make the perfect garden lights. The solar jars come with different colors of LED lighting, so you can personalize the space the way you want.

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