Tornadoes are more frequent and destructive than ever before, so the title of this blog is a good one to ask yourself. Do you know what to do in a tornado? What steps should you take to ensure you are as safe as possible?

Make a plan ahead of time. Are you aware of the location of the nearest storm shelter? If you are unable to get to a shelter, have you looked through your home to determine the safest area to shelter in place? An ideal area is an interior room that has no windows and no walls on the exterior of the building. Bathrooms are generally good rooms for this, plus the plumbing fixtures and pipes provide extra strength and support. It is unwise to take shelter underneath rooms that contain heavy furniture or appliances, if a tornado causes the floor to weaken, any heavy objects could fall through and seriously injure anyone below.

If you have some advanced warning of a tornado in your vicinity, turn off your electricity, gas, and water at the mains, this will help prevent further destruction.

Be sure you are ready with a disaster supply kit; this should contain any essentials you may need for approximately 3 days following a disaster.

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