As we discussed earlier this month, tornadoes are something we need to be prepared for. So, we are going to continue the theme with some more suggestions on how to be ready for this type of emergency.

If the weather forecast is predicting a high risk of tornadic activity in your location, and you have some time, try to remove any mirrors, and pictures, etc. from the walls. Remember, these can become dangerous projectiles during a tornado. You may also want to move any furniture items away from windows. Items such as bookcases and cabinets should already be fixed to the wall with brackets, but if they are not you will need to secure them.

Do you know the location of your closest storm shelter? If there is time, you may need to go to a storm shelter, so knowing how to get to the nearest one will be invaluable. As we discussed before if there is no time to reach a storm shelter, make sure everyone in the household is aware of the safest place in the home that they should go to shelter in place.

Finally, your safety is first and foremost, so never assume that a tornado will not be as bad as predicted, and be sure to take shelter immediately.

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