As we frequently mention in our blogs, moving house is stressful. So, when you are finally in your new home, it’s only natural to want to take some time to settle before taking on any new home-related projects. However, don’t wait too long to put together a home maintenance schedule for your new place. Why is that important, and what kinds of tasks should be on your list?

If you ask any home inspector, they will tell you that it is always best to take care of a problem in your home while it is still small. Otherwise, the problem could become something much bigger and cost you a lot of money. For this reason, it is important to have a good home maintenance schedule.

What should be included in your home maintenance job list? Lawn care, tree and hedge trimming, gutter and downspout cleaning, power washing, and light painting are just a few of the tasks you can add to your maintenance list. If you have moved to a new area, you will also need to put together a list of reliable contractors and tradespeople. All too often, we need an emergency electrician or plumber, etc. Having a list easily at hand will help save time and stress in such a situation.

Finally, it is never too early to schedule your annual maintenance inspections for things like the HVAC systems and the boiler. It is even advisable to schedule your yearly home inspection in advance. This way, you will help keep your house in tip-top shape.

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