Ceramic tile flooring is durable and hard-wearing, which makes it a good option for an active household. As you will find with pretty much any flooring type, however, ceramic tile floors will start to develop issues that come with general wear and tear. Let’s have a look at some of those issues.

You would probably guess that one of the most common problems with ceramic tiles is cracking. Most of the time cracks appear due to simple wear and tear, but there are some other reasons why tiles will develop cracks. If the floor has not been installed properly this can cause cracking. You may also see this problem in areas that see extremes in temperature, which cause the house to expand and contract, including the floors. The size of the crack in the tile will determine how to remedy it. A small crack can be fixed with a little tile grout, whereas a large crack will likely require you to replace the tile altogether.

Deterioration of tile grout is another issue you may encounter with tile flooring. The grout may start to crack and crumble or become discolored in places. This often happens when grout starts to absorb moisture because it has not been properly sealed. Removing the grout and redoing it is the only way to correct this problem.

Tiles that have not been installed correctly will often look uneven and quickly show signs of damage. So, if you are considering ceramic tile flooring for your home make sure to have the job done properly.

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