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  • Pre-Purchase Home Inspections
  • 11th Month Builder Warranty inspections
  • Radon Testing

What Is Included With Our Home Inspections


On the exterior of your home, we spend a great deal of time inspecting your roof, flashing, gutters, windows, doors siding, and much more. We also thoroughly inspect the exterior electric, such as lights and outlets, as well as any exterior plumbing fixtures.

Lots & Grounds

For the lots and grounds, we pay special attention to any attached structures, such as decks, garages, carports, and more. We also inspect your driveway, walkways, patios, grading, drainage, and any vegetation that could adversely affect your home.

Sub Spaces

Your home has many areas that are not lived in, but where defects typically hide. That is why we spend much of our time on the interior of your home in any basements that are present, attic spaces, and crawlspaces.


Your electrical system is a very important part of your inspection. From the service entry cable, through your panel, to any subpanels, and all visible branch wiring and outlets – we inspect all aspects possible.

Heating & Cooling

We test and inspect your home’s heating system and cooling system. There are many components to both of these systems, and we want to make sure each part is functioning properly.

Plumbing System

We thoroughly inspect your home’s plumbing system, checking each faucet, sink, drain, shower, toilet, and tub. We also inspect the water heater, as well as the plumbing supply and waste lines.

Living Spaces

Inside your home, we inspect the walls, ceilings, floors, stairs, handrails, outlets, fixtures, fireplaces, heat registers, and much more.

Builder Warranty Inspections

Just because a home is relatively new doesn’t mean that it’s perfect. Homes are built by humans, and we tend to make mistakes. Even homes built to the highest standards can have problems due to material defects or simply human error. Some problems are immediately obvious, while others require a trained eye. Some hidden or minor issues can develop into major expenses down the road.

A home warranty inspection is a full home inspection performed shortly before your builder’s warranty ends. Not only will you get a clear view of your home’s current status, but you’ll also be able to submit many of the issues to your builder to be covered under warranty.

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What You Need to Know Before Buying a Home

We find many issues on home inspections that could cause you a great deal of grief later on. Don’t let these issues catch you by surprise. Some of these issues include:


Structural Issues

Including foundation issues, accidental cutting of structural support components, improper construction, and missing framing members.


Roofing Issues

Particularly damaged shingles, missing or improperly installed flashing resulting in leaks, and leaking gutters.


Electrical Hazards

Electrical hazards such as loose wires, missing safety features, and overheated breakers.


Door & Window Issues

Unsealed windows and doors, costing a lot of money over time and lowering the comfort level in your home.

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