Old houses can be beautiful when restored. However, restoring an old property into one that not only maintains its historic features but also enjoys modern convenience can be a difficult balancing act, one that could end with some irreversible mistakes. What are some retrofit mistakes that should be avoided?

First, you will need to check with your local district whether they have any rules in place regarding what work you can do to a historical building. You may not be allowed to do anything you want to the place.

Many historic homes were constructed with beautiful features often made with solid materials like natural wood. These are durable materials that have stood the test of time so be cautious about replacing them with modern materials like plywood or plastic which are, not only less durable but also look out of place in an old building

You may be tempted to waterproof masonry or old bricks, but this may be a bad idea as this will trap moisture and cause further deterioration of masonry. When using any modern materials in a historic home, it would be a good idea to research whether using them will have a damaging effect on the existing older materials in the home.

Whatever modernizing you do to your historic home, make sure it is in keeping with the age of the property. For example, avoid replacing old windows with modern-looking ones as this will ruin the look of the place.

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